We use slack for communication. Every project has an internal and external channel. We invite customers to join the external channel. While using slack please follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid DMs: Discuss everything about a project on that specific channel. This keeps everyone in the loop even if they're not working on that feature or module.

  • Come with a solution: When in doubt don't ask "How you should proceed" rather try think of solutions and ask which one is the best.

  • Be mindful of other people's time: It's okay to ping people once in a while but be mindful that they have their own tasks to finish.

  • Statuses: Use the different slack statuses broadcast your availability.

  • Don't use gifs in external channels.


Meeting your lead, team and customers is required to understand priorities and tasks. Our philosophy here is to:

  1. Keep it short: Meetings should be short, just enough time to go through the agenda and get everyone on the same page.

  2. Schedule check-ins: Regular check-ins ensure everyone is aware of priorities and blockers can be discussed.