Leave Policy

Here are a list of holidays we follow.

We encourage you to take time off work. Let's face it deadlines are a reality and sometimes you will need to work extra hours. Talk to your manager and schedule some time off.

Leave cycle

The financial year i.e. starting 1st April to 31st March is what we use to track a leave cycle.

Guidelines on how to apply for leaves

Planned leaves

  • Please fill this document and send it to your manager.

  • Ensure you send out a leave request at least two weeks in advance so we can let the customer know and make alternate arrangements.

  • Once your leave is approved please create an entry on the leave calendar. Invite your teammates as guests to the event for the entire duration of your leave.

Sick Leave

  • Reach out to your manager via an email/message/slack or whatsapp.

Work from home

  • Please fill in the details in this request form and send it to your manager.

  • Please ensure you attend your daily standup via hangouts/zoom. It's important for your team to know what you're working on and the deliverables to expect.

Paternity Leave

  • We offer a 14 day paternity leave.

  • Please let your manager know at least 1 month in advance about "The day".

Marriage Leave

  • We offer 5 days of paid leaves for your marriage.

  • Please talk to your manager and inform him at least a month in advance.


  • Everyone is entitled to 14 days of paid leaves per year. This includes 6 sick leaves and 8 privilege leaves.

  • If any employee is out of leaves it will be considered an unpaid leave.

  • When working from home if deliverables are not met the manager can mark you for half the day. This will however be communicated with you.

  • Any planned leave will not be permitted during the notice period.

  • It's important that you get maximum overlap with you team. If you're later than 12:30pm to come to the office it will be marked as a half day.

  • Unused leaves will not be encashed or forwarded to the next cycle.

We're flexible. The above are policies that we have found well both for Wednesday and the people who make it. If there are any special cases please talk to us and we're happy to help.

Note: The above policies are only applicable for full-time employees.