Sprint Planning

A sprint planning session is held on the first day of a sprint. This doesn't have to be a really long meeting. It should be sandboxed to run for a fixed duration.

Some points to note

  • Do the meeting at the start of the day.

  • Get everyone in one room. Remote sprint planning sessions take a long time which inturn delays the start of the sprint.

  • Have a clear goal in mind for the sprint.

  • Take a look at the backlog and familiarize yourself with the items that need to be worked on.

Function point estimates

Function point estimates are a measure of the amount of work involved in building a feature. Some points to note when doing the function point estimate exercise:

  • The project manager should explain the point system being used.

  • The project manager should clearly explain the scope of the work involved.

  • Each member on the team should individually estimate the work involved.

  • From all the scores presented the maximum score should be assigned to the ticket.

Velocity of the team is measured by the number of points completed successfully per sprint. Depending on this velocity and the priorities the project manager decides the total number of tickets that should make up the sprint.