Welcome to our Playbook

Learn about how we practice our craft - engineering, design, & project management. Know about the policies we follow and the benefits we offer.

At Wednesday we're working hard to build an environment that is inclusive, open, and appreciative. Building a value-driven company has helped us hire the best people who not only build amazing software but are also nice to work with.

As we grow we were looking for a place to write the policies & processes we follow and what we are looking for while hiring. By no means is this playbook complete, in fact, this is ever-evolving and will continue to change as we grow. We encourage everyone to provide their feedback and suggestions. We love positive discussions as that is the only way to build an inclusive workplace.

After reading this, if you feel like this is a place where you'd like to work, please take a look at the open positions here.


The Wednesday Playbook is a derivative of the Obvious Playbook which itself has been derived from the work other companies have done to ensure all their policies and practices are public.

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