Getting Started Section

An overview of what the Getting Started section should consist of within each article. This should be kept in mind when creating content for Wednesday.

The first instruction section in an article is a special case.

It should always be named Getting Started and should cover the initial steps to get started with the rest of the article.

If you have a starter project, typically this section should contain the following:

  1. Instructions to download the starter project: Typically you can use a set sentence for this: “Download the starter project by clicking on the Download Materials button at the top or bottom of the tutorial.”

  2. An overview of the starter project: This should include an overview of what the project does, a build and run with screenshots, and optionally an overview of the code.

  3. An overview of the problem: Finally, give a description of what feature(s) you are trying to add to the starter project in this tutorial.

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