Developer Tooling Partner Program

Best suited for startups with PMF building developer tools.

This program has been created to partner with fast-growing startups in the developer tools space. At Wednesday, our expertise lies in Product Development, Data Engineering, and Applied AI. Through this program, we want to partner with startups that help us innovate and build performant software faster.

Note: This partnership best suits companies with product market fit (PMF).

Evaluation Criteria

  • Innovation & Technology: Wednesday helps its customers build quality software. We’re looking for partners who have built innovative products to reduce the time to build software, improve quality, reduce errors, track metrics, and more in the software development lifecycle.

  • Market Traction: Partners with product market fit best suit this partnership.

  • Growth Potential: We’re looking for partners open to co-pitch and cross-sell.

  • Long-Term Relationship Potential: We’re in it for the long run and are looking for partners who share our goals.

  • Avenues for Mutual Growth: We’re looking for partners interested in finding mutually beneficial growth avenues.

Ways to Partner

  • Systems Integration: Wednesday can provide white-labeled services to help end customers with systems integration work, such as integrating SDKs, APIs, etc.

  • Referrals: Wednesday can refer existing customers to partners needing their solution.

  • Co-Selling: We’re looking for partners interested in co-pitching and cross-selling.

  • Meetups & Content Creation: Wednesday maintains several digital channels. We can help partner companies promote their solutions within the developer ecosystem.

  • Training & Certification Programs: Wednesday can help partners create training and certification programs to use their developer tool.

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