Code reviews

Code reviews are a fundamental part of ensuring what we deliver works well and adheres to our style guides and quality control standards.

Each pull request needs to be reviewed and signed-off by two people. We do make exceptions in cases where the team size is small.

While reviewing a pull request please ensure you follow the following guidelines:

  • Take your time: Never review something in a hurry. It's a recipe for disaster.

  • Test before you look at the code: Pull the branch locally and test the feature. If you see the feature in action you will be able to review better.

  • Ensure the pull request has a brief description about the feature or enhancement. It's very important to get context from the author's perspective.

  • Be positive: We're all in the same team. Any kind of slander or provocation is not okay.

  • Ask questions: If something isn't making sense seek an answer from the author.

  • Legibility: Legible code is more reusable and future proof. The author will always feel like it's readable but you as the reviewer are the real judge of this. Everything in term of variable names, function names, class names and modules should be understandable.