"Where to go from here" section

An overview of what the Where To Go From Here section should consist of within each article.

The final section of your article should always be named Where to Go From Here?. You can think of this as the conclusion of your article, and it should consist of the following:

  • First-line = download: Typically you can use a set sentence for this: “You can download the completed project files by clicking on the Download Materials button at the top or bottom of the article.”

  • Summary [Optional]: If you think it adds value, optionally you can add a brief summary of what you covered in the article.

  • 1-3 paragraphs of resources: You should then list out any resources you recommend for the reader who wants to learn more. Prefer to link to articles, books, and videos on our site, but if we don’t have anything on the subject then feel free to link elsewhere.

Keep this section nice and short!

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