Review as a reader

A quick guide on reviewing your article pieces as a reader before publishing the final draft on the Wednesday website.

Once you have written your article, you should go through the article one last time yourself, as if you are a reader!

Basically, pretend you’re a reader and go through your article from scratch, step-by-step.

You’ll probably find a number of missing steps and fixes to make along the way and this way you can verify that you make it very clear in your article what the reader is supposed to do.

During your review, ask yourself these questions to make sure your article has:

  • Correct: Does the article include every necessary step, no matter how small? Do all of the instructions work 100% as listed?

  • Readable: Is the article concise, fun, or easy to read?

  • Educational: Does the article have enough theory sections so the reader understands how everything works? Does the article have enough reference sections so the reader understands the other options that are available? Does the article explain the why behind every step?

  • Deep: Does the article include enough explanations or information to help the reader’s understanding go to a deeper level?

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