Release Engineering

Release engineering truly starts when you clone the repo. It's a mindset.

The release process is the final step before getting your product into the hands of the customers. CI/CD, Phased rollouts, monitoring, alerting, and greater visibility into the system all make the release and post-release process smoother. Keeping this phase manual leaves a lot of chance and human error. Automating this process ensures there is no duplicate work or mistake. Release automation enables you to control the user experience. It gives you insights into how the system performs, how it is being used, and what your user's experience is.

Your release engineering determines the impact of all the hard work put into creating the features that go into a release. Instead of your releases being 0 or 1, good release management allows them always to become 1.

In this section, we'll take you through a few practices followed at Wednesday to make releases smooth.

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