Introduction to Our Project Management Playbook

Learn about how we practice project management.

The role of a project manager is different in different companies. This book outlines how we practice project management. It doesn’t go into the details of project management as a practice (there are enough books on that). Rather it focuses on our differentiators. The areas where we think a project manager should focus on to improve customer experience.

This book is meant for both customers and people interested in working with us. If you’re the latter it will help you understand what we expect & if you’re a customer it will help you understand what to expect.

In a nutshell, project management involves the folllowing activities:

  • Stakeholder Management: Our motto is to "Teach and Tailor". Understand what the customer wants. Educate them about software development practices and tailor a solution that helps their business.

  • Product Management: Understand business goals, study different actors in the system, and work with the customer to build product workflows.

  • Delivery Management: Write user stories, build a backlog, run agile sprints, track sprint velocity, and manage the team.

Product Management Workflow

  • Product

    • Runs 3 Sprints ahead of Engineering i.e planning and creating tickets and details for (t+45) - (t+60) days

    • Detailed small tickets so that there is lesser ambiguity and lower probability of rollover

    • Creates the BRD, PRD and Product Roadmap, Release Plan, etc.

  • Design

    • Runs 2 Sprints ahead of Engineering i.e working on designs that will be picked up by Engineering in (t+15) - (t+30) days

    • Mockups, Low & High Fidelity Designs, Prototypes, Design-Dev Handover.

  • Engineering

    • Engineering Leads are running 1 sprint ahead of the rest of Engineering i.e working on ensuring absolute clarity for items that the Engineering team will take up in (t+15) days

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