Internship Offer Template

Offer letter shared with all Interns.

[Insert Date]

[Insert Intern Name]

[Insert Intern Address]

Subject: Internship Offer & Intent to Hire

Dear <<Intern Name>>,

Wednesday Solutions (hereinafter referred to as “Wednesday Solutions” or “WS”), is pleased to offer you an Internship as a <<Role>>. The purpose of this letter is to describe the general terms and conditions of your internship with Wednesday Solutions with effect from your joining date.

We offer you an internship on the following terms and conditions:

1. Joining Date

<<Joining Date>> or earlier, unless otherwise agreed to in writing between you and Wednesday Solutions. The Company may extend your joining date by notifying you in advance. If you fail to join on the decided date, this Internship Offer & Intent to Hire will stand automatically withdrawn.

Please submit all the documents mentioned in Annexure - 1 at the time of joining.

2. Reporting Officer

<<Insert Name and Designation>>

3. Location

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing you will be based in Pune. In the present circumstances due to COVID-19, you are advised to start working remotely, from home starting from your joining date. You agree to relocate to Pune and start working from WS Pune office on a mutually agreed date.

If agreed to in writing you may work remotely for the duration of your internship with WS.

During your internship, you are required to make arrangements for your own laptop/monitor, converter, power cord, internet, or any other hardware you may need to conduct your day to day responsibilities at Wednesday.

4. Compensation

  1. Your Monthly Stipend during your internship period will be <<Monthly Stipend>>, which will be paid in accordance with Wednesday Solutions’ normal payroll practices. The compensation package has been detailed in Annexure - 2.

  2. Your remuneration package is strictly confidential between you and WS and should not be discussed with anyone nor divulged to anyone in any manner whatsoever.

  3. In case of any change in the existing statute or introduction of a new statute, WS reserves a right to adjust the salary components within the then-existing Annual Salary to ensure that the payments are made in compliance with such statutes.

  4. WS may from time to time, deduct any statutory deduction or withhold tax as may be required by applicable laws.

5. Hours of Work

  1. You will be required to work from Monday to Friday for nine (9) hours per day from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Further, depending on project/ work contingencies, work-load, and business requirements, at any given time you may be required to work outside these stated hours to participate in calls and demos, including on weekends. WS does not encourage overtime work and accordingly does not have a policy for payment of overtime.

  2. Expenses for any work-related / official national and international trips shall be reimbursed by the WS in accordance with the policy of WS from time to time available at

6. Internship Eligibility

This internship offer is contingent upon a review of your education credentials and clearance from you college stating that you are allowed to work full-time without any obligations of attending classes. If you need to take a leave for your exams you will need to give a prior intimate of at least 20 days, during this time you will not get paid your stipend.

7. Duration

This offer is an internship offer for a period of <<Months>>.

8. Annual Leave

You will be entitled to a certain amount of paid leave which are governed by the relevant policy of WS available at, as applicable from time to time.

9. Background Verification Report

Upon your joining, WS or its client may directly or through a third party, carry out a detailed background verification to validate the information and credentials submitted by you. WS reserves the right to terminate your internship without notice, at any point during the course of internship, if the Background Verification Report is found incongruent with the information and credentials provided by you. Additionally, in such an eventuality, Wednesday Solutions shall require you to refund the salary /remuneration paid including benefits availed amongst any other benefits, till such date.

10. Accountability

  1. You shall perform any such duties diligently and faithfully as are incidental or implied and consistent with your relevant experience, training, and qualifications or maybe reasonably delegated as being in the best interest of WS.

  2. You agree to use all tools provided by WS for professional purposes only. Internet and email access are provided to you as business communication tools for appropriate internal and external business uses. Generation, transmission, or storage of potentially offensive information is not allowed. You also agree to always act in the interest of WS. Should you not respect this requirement of professional use, WS will have a right to take disciplinary action which may lead up to and including termination of the internship.

  3. During the period of your internship, you shall be governed by all the applicable rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and notices that are in force currently and that may come into force from time to time and they shall form the basis of your internship and shall govern all matters whether specified herein or not, including on matters such as designation, working hours, emoluments and the structure thereof, etc. WS’s decisions on all such matters will be final and binding on you. Any subsequent variations by WS to any terms, conditions, rules, or regulations generally governing the members of WS’s staff will prevail and be applicable to you. Violation of such policies could lead to disciplinary actions up to and including termination of your internship.

11. Non- Solicitation, and Non-Competition

You agree that in consideration of your engagement with WS, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, during the term of the internship with WS and for a period of two (2) years from the termination of your internship, you shall not, directly or indirectly, either as an individual on your own account or as a partner, employee, consultant, advisor, agent, contractor, director, trustee, committee member, office bearer, or shareholder (or in a similar capacity or function);

  1. own or operate a business in competition with the business of WS,

  2. solicit employment with a competitor or with any existing/prospective client (in any manner whatsoever),

  3. solicit the employment of or advise any other employee of WS to terminate his/her contract or relationship with WS or accept any contract (directly or indirectly) or other arrangements for providing services to any other person or organization, or

  4. contact any of the existing or prospective clients of WS, to entice such clients away from WS or to damage in any way their business relationship with WS.

12. Consent Regarding Personal Data

  1. This clause relates to the Personal Data that you may be requested to provide in connection with your internship. Personal Data includes any information related to a natural person that is, in a combination of other information or otherwise, is capable of identifying such person notably including financial information such as Bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instrument details, physical, physiological and mental health condition, sexual orientation, medical records and history, biometric information, any information or detail relating to previous employment details, educational qualifications, and criminal record.

  2. You hereby understand and consent to Company, without any reservations, too (i) collect any of your Personal Data or other data from your last employer or through any internal or external agencies appointed for this purpose, (ii) use or process such data in connection with your employment with WS or any matters arising from such employment, and (iii) sharing such data with any outside agencies or third parties including Company’s client for verification and validation of this information, processing in relation to employment or matters arising from such employment, or in compliance with WS’s contractual or statutory obligations.

  3. You understand that you may withdraw the consent by informing in writing to Company’s designated representative for this purpose. You also consent and accept that if such withdrawal of consent affects the purpose for which your Personal Data was sought, Company reserves the right to take steps as it deems appropriate. You understand that this consent is obtained by WS to ensure compliance of The Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 and any successor laws regarding the subject.

13. Changes in Personal Details

Any change in your residential address, telephone numbers, marital status, and academic qualifications should be notified in writing to WS. All communication will be addressed to you on the last address notified by you and it will be presumed that you have received such communication addressed to you.

14. Full-Time Internship

WS has appointed you as a full-time intern with WS and you shall devote yourself exclusively to the business and interests of WS. You will not take up any other work for remuneration (part-time or otherwise) or work in an advisory capacity, or be interested directly or indirectly (except as shareholder /debenture holder), in any other trade or business during your internship with WS, without permission in writing of the management of WS. You will also not seek membership of any local or public bodies without first obtaining specific permission from the management of WS. Any violation to exceed your specified authority as mentioned will be seriously viewed and disciplinary/appropriate legal action will be taken against you.

15. Termination/Resignation

  1. Termination by WS: WS may terminate your services for convenience by giving one (1) months prior written notice (“Notice Period”) or payment of gross salary in lieu thereof. Such termination does not amount to ‘Retrenchment’ under any law and does not entitle you to any severance pay.

  2. Termination for Cause: Notwithstanding anything contained above, your internship with WS may be terminated without notice or without any salary in lieu thereof if, in the opinion of WS, you, at any time:

    1. commit any serious or persistent breach of any of the terms and conditions of this letter or any of the provisions of the employee handbook or other documents incorporated by reference in this document;

    2. do or cause to be done any act, deed, matter or thing adverse to WS’s interests;

    3. are guilty of any misconduct or neglect in the discharge of your duties or exercise of your powers hereunder or otherwise vested in you from time to time;

    4. wilful slowing down in performance of work or abetment or instigation thereof;

    5. habitual neglect of work, or gross or habitual negligence;

    6. fail to or neglect in observing and complying fully with all resolutions, regulations, instructions, and directions from time to time made or given to you by WS;

    7. if any information furnished by you or representation made by you is found to be incorrect or if any material information is detected by WS to have been suppressed by you or any action on your part is found to be in contravention to the terms and conditions herein;

    8. become of unsound mind;

    9. are accused or convicted of any criminal offense

    10. absconding for more than ten (10) days.

Your separation from the Company pursuant to the terms of this Offer cum Appointment Letter shall not amount to ‘Retrenchment’ under any law, and thus would not entitle you to claim or receive any severance pay/retrenchment compensation.

More details on Termination/Resignation are available at

16. Effect of Termination

Upon termination with WS for any reason, you:

  1. Shall not make any statements (whether oral or written) or do anything which might damage the reputation of WS or interfere with Company’s relationship with its clients and customers.

  2. Agree that, without prejudice to Company’s other rights and remedies, WS shall be entitled to deduct from your emoluments, the amount of any claims which WS may have against you either under the terms of your internship or otherwise.

  3. Understand that the Service and Experience Certificate will be issued only if you have served the entire Notice Period.

17. Indemnification

You shall, at all times, indemnify and keep indemnified WS against all sums whether by way of claims, demands, damages, costs, charges, or expenses paid or incurred by WS in or in connection with any action, claim proceedings, or demand instituted or made against WS caused or occasioned by your breach, failure, default or neglect.

18. Governing Laws and Arbitration

This Offer-cum-Appointment Letter shall be governed under the laws of India and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Pune. Any dispute between you and WS shall be settled by a sole arbitrator to be appointed by WS, the place of the arbitration shall be Pune and the language of arbitration shall be English.

19. Other terms and conditions

  1. Severability: WS and you mutually agree that the provisions of this letter are severable, and if any one provision is found to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the remainder of the agreement will remain valid and enforceable. WS and you further agree that the court may modify any provision to make it valid and enforceable.

  2. Successors and Assigns: WS will have the right to transfer and assign this agreement and all covenants and agreements herein will inure to the benefit of and be enforceable by such successors and assigns. This agreement is personal to you and you will not be entitled to transfer or assign it in whole or in part.

  3. Miscellaneous: Headings are for ease of reference only and do not affect the meaning of the agreement set out in this letter. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, references to monetary amounts are references to an amount expressed in the currency of India.

  4. WS may revoke this offer of internship any-time before the joining date. Similarly, after accepting this offer, if you do not intend to join the Company, you shall have a right to inform your intentions any-time before your joining date.

  5. This Internship Offer & Intent to hire contains the entire understanding between you and WS concerning the subject matter hereof and is in addition to any and all prior and contemporaneous negotiations, correspondence, understandings, and agreements, whether oral or written, respecting that subject matter.

By accepting this offer, you acknowledge and agree that this Internship Offer & Intent to hire and the terms and conditions set forth in them accurately describe the relationship that you are willing to enter into with WS and you agree that the terms and conditions of the internship are fair and reasonable.

Please return a signed copy of this letter within two (4) days, as your acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned herein, failing which this offer shall stand automatically withdrawn.

<<Intern Name>>, WS is a company that grows and is enriched by the contributions of its employees, and we look forward to your continued enthusiasm. We believe that your internship with WS will be both personally and professionally rewarding.

Very truly yours,


Wednesday Solutions

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