A look at the perks you get to help make the most out of attending and speaking at conferences.

We encourage everyone to attend conferences and meetups. It's a place to get to know what others are working on and talk about the work you are doing.

While working on a project we often get too used to a specific process, technology, or framework. Meetups allow you to understand the choices other people are making. They help push you out of your comfort zone and learn.

Attending Conferences

If you wish to attend any conference please let your manager know. In most cases, if it applies to your work we will sponsor your conference pass. In case, it doesn't we will allow a paid leave to ensure you get to attend the event.

Speaking at Conferences

We encourage everyone to apply to conferences. We can help you select a conference, pick a topic, and prepare.

When selected Wednesday offers the following benefits:

  • Daily Allowance: An amount of 75$ or ₹1,200 per day as an allowance (depending on where the conference is). This will be capped at a max of 5 days.

  • Travel and Accommodation Allowance: We encourage you to ask the organizers to sponsor your visa, travel, and stay. In case this isn't possible we will provide a 500$ or ₹5,000 allowance (depending on where the conference is). This will be payable on receipt of bills and will be added to your salary.

Please remember while attending or speaking at a conference you are representing Wednesday. Please adhere to their code of conduct. Also, please talk to Mac or Ali and carry some Wednesday merchandise with you to give out.

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