Hiring Philosophy

We believe in a "always be hiring" philosophy. Learn about the people we're looking for and what we value.

Irrespective of the demands we have on client projects we believe in an "always be hiring" philosophy. We aren't chasing a growth number. We only focus on hiring good people to work with.

Good People

There is no right or wrong answer here. Just what is right for Wednesday. People with these traits enjoy working with us:

  • Love their work: We think of our work as a craft. We find joy in finding better approaches to solve problems. Tough problems excite us.

  • Listen: Every team member should have an equal say.

  • Learn: Individually learn with minimum handholding. We like people with depth in knowledge.

  • Communicate: Articulate your thoughts and suggestions well.

  • Showcase: Spread what you've learned. Show the merits of what you practice.

Above all what we value are people who are productive. People who don't worry about "how" to get to the end goal, rather deconstruct a problem into smaller bite-sized goals. People who are communicative, creative, and believe in team spirit.

We value T-shaped people

The horizontal bar on the "T" symbolizes a range of skills i.e. a generalist and the vertical bar is the depth is one skill i.e. a specialist. We're looking for people who have both.

If a person is just a generalist without deep expertise in an area they are usually on the sidelines. Specialists aren't able to adapt and work across projects.

Hiring is the same across the board

Whether we're hiring engineers, designers, project managers, or an office admin what we look for remains the same. Processes followed might be different but the above will always stand true.

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