General Guidelines

A quick overview of the guidelines to be followed while managing and running any project at Wednesday.

Successful delivery of a project isn’t just about building software to spec. Wednesday is a services business. Referrals are very important to us. To get referrals we need to ensure the customer has a good experience working with Wednesday.

Over the years we’ve learned that customers aren’t just looking for technical expertise. They’re looking for a partner. An agency that will include them in each decision, plan, delay, etc. A partner who has their business interest in mind.

Here are some general guidelines to follow. These are over and above what you need to do to run your project. These will help you build deeper relations with your customers.

  1. User research: Know the target user group and the problem you’re solving for them. Study how they did things before they used your product. Learn their habits and what technologies they use on a regular basis. This will help you think like them.

  2. Brainstorm: Schedule monthly brainstorming sessions with your entire team. Include your customer in this meeting. You can use this meeting to test the product, discuss upcoming product features, go through analytics reports, etc. As a team discuss what should be improved and what should be done to increase the customer’s market share.

  3. Test, then test some more: You should know how each feature your team builds works. You’re the last line of defense.

  4. Schedule calls without an agenda: Schedule calls with your customer on a monthly basis. Talking to them without an agenda will help you understand what is keeping them busy. Identify areas where the product should change to help them win.

  5. Showcase: Showcase the work you’re doing both internally and externally.

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