Our Leave Policy

Learn about the leave types, the leave cycle, and how to apply for leaves.
Here is the list of holidays we follow.
We encourage you to take time off work. Let's face it deadlines are a reality and sometimes you will need to work extra hours. Talk to your manager and schedule some time off.

Leave cycle

The calendar year i.e. starting 1st Jan to 31st December is what we use to track a leave cycle.

Guidelines on how to apply for leaves

We use a tool called Kredily to automate the leave management process. Please login to your account and apply for a leave.
  • If it's a planned leave inform your team and manager on slack.
  • If you're applying for a sick leave drop a message on slack or WhatsApp and let your manager know.

Maternity Leaves


  • 26 weeks of paid leave.
  • 12 weeks of paid leave for mothers expecting their third child.
  • 12 weeks of paid leave for adopting mothers. The leave starts on the day of adoption
  • 4 weeks of paid leave in case of critical circumstances.
Note: 8 weeks of leaves can be availed before the due date.


  • Employees who have completed 80 working days with Wednesday.

Terms & Conditions

  • During the maternity leave working for any other employer will terminate your employment with Wednesday.
  • Upon availing of this leave, you will be exempted from the regular performance cycle.
  • Try and give your team as much advance notice as possible.


  • If any employee is out of leaves it will be considered unpaid.
  • When working from home if deliverables are not met the manager can mark you for half the day. This will however be communicated with you.
  • Any planned leave will not be permitted during the notice period or during probation.
  • Unused leaves will not be encashed or forwarded to the next cycle.
Note: The above policies are only applicable to full-time employees. Interns are allowed sick leaves only.