Follow the four commandments

A look at the four commandments to keep in mind to help build an effective sample project.

  1. Keep it simple: It’s easy to get carried away with your sample project. Aim to keep it as simple as you can, while still accomplishing the goals you set out in your outline.

  2. Be practical: The best sample projects show how to “re-implement a cool behavior found in app X”, or “provide a solution to this common question/problem” because you know that is a useful thing that people want to know how to do. Don’t be abstract; be practical.

  3. Remember how it fits in: As you work on the sample project, always consider how it will fit into a teaching format. Think about the order in which you’ll implement features of the project, what parts will be challenges, etc.

    Remember to keep your project focused on a single learning objective. Don’t let the project distract the student with unnecessary work unrelated to the main topic.

  4. Use the latest and greatest: You should always use the latest versions of any tools, libraries, OSs, etc. This will give your sample project the longest possible shelf life.

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