Article Structure

Every article at Wednesday follows a defined structure. Get an overview of the various sections to cover in each article here.

Each section in an article has one or more section types.

  1. Introduction: Hook the reader, introduce the topic briefly, and tell the reader what they’ll build and what they’ll learn.

  2. Instruction Sections: Provide the step-by-step instructions for adding code or building the app, and (where possible) end with a “build & run” step and screenshot.

  3. Getting Started Section: The first instruction section in an article is a special case and should cover the initial steps to get started with the rest of the article.

  4. Theory Sections: Explain high-level theory that you need to understand before you dive into the code, usually without step-by-step instructions.

  5. Reference Sections: Lists what options are available for an API / technology for future reference; even those outside of the scope of the tutorial itself.

  6. Where to Go From Here?: Summarizes what the reader has learned, and where they could go for more information or to further expand their skills.

These sections can be composed in any order (except for the Introduction and Where to Go From Here sections which are always first and last).

It’s even possible to combine sections: for example, to have a section that is primarily instruction with some reference or theory.

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