Internal Checklist

Use this checklist before a project starts.

  • Team setup: Set up a meeting with the tech lead. Ensure s/he understands the customer's business, deliverables, and milestones.

  • Slack: Create slack channels. Send invites to all team members to both channels. Invite the customer to the external channel.

  • JIRA: Setup permissions, groups, workflows, and swimlanes. Invite customer(s) and project members to the project (always set up a classic JIRA project).

  • Github: Create new repo(s) on Github and a team group. Grant access to all members of the team.

  • Figma: Provision a new Figma project.

  • CI & CD: We have template projects for all the frameworks we have expertise in. Ask the tech lead to use these as templates and set up Github actions for CI & CD.

  • Meetings: Setup standups, sprint planning sessions, demos, and retrospective meetings.

  • Product Backlog: Write user stories and build a product backlog.

  • Estimation Criteria: Set up time with the team and explain the ticket estimation criteria and the point system.

  • Wikis: Maintain a wiki either on Notion or on Confluence.

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