Create a starter project

A quick guide to creating a starter project to finish off our sample project for our article.

When first developing your sample project, start by developing the project as it will exist at the end of your article. This is called the final project.

But before you submit your sample project for review, you should create a starter project as well.

A starter project is the portion of your project that you will give the reader at the start of an article, and have them build upon. Generally, it should contain any code not related to the main subject of the article.

Here’s how to create a starter project for your article.

How To Create a Starter Project

After you’ve finished your project, save that version as your “final” version and stash it somewhere.

Next, pull out everything in your app that’s not related to your core concepts into a starter project.

For example, if your article is on redux, you should provide the reader with a starter project with all the code unrelated to redux, but without any of the redux code you’ll add in the article. This lets the article focus on just adding the redux code.

The starter project should also include all resources for the project, instead of requiring a separate download. Keep this in mind as you pull together all the various assets and frameworks you’ll need for your project.

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