Theory Section

An overview of what the Theory section should consist of within each article. This should be kept in mind when creating content for Wednesday.

Theory sections are sections without step-by-step instructions. Instead, they explain the high-level theory that you need to understand before you dive into the code.

For example, they can be used to give an overview of how an API or technique works, to explain the approach you are going to take to solve a problem. These sections often include many illustrations to help the reader understand the concepts.

Theory sections are incredibly important so that you can explain the “why” behind something you are doing.

  • Explain just in time: Don't overcomplicate by spending too much time in theory. Explain the theory right before you're going to implement it.

  • Explain complicated material: The more complicated the more theory

  • Use images and illustrations: Get in touch with Ali to get custom illustrations.

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