Investor Partner Program

This program is best suited for pre-seed and series A investors.

This program has been created to partner with investment firms. We work best with firms participating in Pre-series A and series A rounds, but this program also works with firms focusing on the later stages.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Investment Focus: Wednesday has a deep understanding of Health Tech, Ed Tech, Fin Tech, and Consumer Tech. We’re looking for partners who actively invest in these verticals.

  • Strategic Alignment: Our goal is to use our expertise in Data Engineering, Product Development, & Applied AI to build digital products for the world. We’re looking for partners whose portfolio companies could use this expertise.

  • Network & Connections: We’re looking for partners who have a good portfolio of companies within the verticals we have expertise in. Our service can help their portfolio companies build great digital experiences, further helping them meet the fund's goals.

  • Long-Term Relationship Potential: We’re in it for the long run and are looking for partners who share our goals.

  • Avenues for Mutual Growth: We’re looking for partners interested in finding mutually beneficial growth avenues.

Ways to Partner

  • Tech Due Diligence: We offer discounted tech due diligence services to partners. Our turnaround times are the best in the industry.

  • PLG & Product KPI Due Diligence: We gather insights from user data and help you understand if PLG strategies are in place and working. We also study key product metrics and give you detailed reports so you can value the business well.

  • Product Development Services: We can help set up an end-to-end product development team to help your portfolio companies build great digital experiences.

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