Career Growth

A brief look at what Career Growth looks like at Wednesday. Check out how the Roles & Responsibilities and Appraisals work.

Titles are external only. An environment where people have a "this is not a part of my job description" attitude is not what we like. Titles however allow our customers to understand your roles and responsibilities.

Roles & Responsibilities

Product Manager

This involves learning about Product thinking, Management, and Growth. Program and Project Management are expected to be extremely solid in this role.

Processes that go into building good products need to be understood and implemented very well. A functional understanding of tech, tech components, and system integrations is essential.

This role will require crafting various product documents like the PRD, BRD, Sprint Release Notes, etc. Creating, managing, and prioritising the product backlog will also fall under your umbrella. This hands-on role allows you to influence a larger ecosystem's direction and growth trajectory.

This role requires a high level of product ownership - which means prioritisation, roadmap creation, pivots, etc, need to be led and championed by you.

Senior Product Manager

In this phase of your career, PLG is second nature to you. You’re able to request for data in a format that allows you to make decisions and can see endeavours through.

You’ll primarily be operating at a problem statement level, eg. “We must find the best way to provide ‘At home' Elderly care.” These ambitious and ambiguous problem statements are where we thrive. At this stage in your career, you’ll provide the clarity needed to the team by breaking this down into an actionable plan.

You’ll work closely with skilled implementers and counterparts and bring alignment in execution. You’ll lead a team of 2-6 PMs and be responsible for horizontal success across all the endeavours that you’re part of. You will work closely with the HR team and set hiring goals for smooth delivery.

You will perform audits to inspect the processes and the product. Post-audit, you’ll work with respective PMs and help them achieve the action items from the audit.

You’ll have the opportunity to work in pre-sales endeavours, break down complex problems, ideate solutions with potential customers and create artefacts that lead to closing the sale. You will be responsible for “Responsible” Account growth & management across products your teams are working on.

Lead Product Manager

In this phase of your career, you will have the opportunity to create practices and processes by constantly staying at the cutting edge of Product Management. Thought leadership and creating frameworks for product innovation and growth is a huge part of the job.

You will get the opportunity to lead a team of 6-10 PMs and be responsible for 1-1s, appraisals, helping them achieve their career goals and outshine their respective career paths.

You’ll work with your Engineering & Design Counterparts to create high-velocity and impact pods. You will work closely with the HR team to help set and achieve monthly hiring goals.

You’re expected to have vertical depth and expertise in your and your team's domains. You’ll work with many business counterparts and find avenues to contribute in strategic business decisions for customers across Wednesday.

You’ll work closely with the sales team to target, engage and close new customers. You will work with the marketing teams to organise conferences, meetups and other endeavours that put Wednesday’s name out there and give back to the community.

Responsibility Matrix

FunctionsPMSr. PMLead PM



Hiring Goals

Ensure Hiring is done






Sprint 0




Documented, on-time, high-quality, work towards PLG

PLG, Account management, growth, Cross team audits, and parity.

Framework creation, Account expansion, Business Strategy.


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