Agency Partner Program

This program is best suited for onshore agencies looking for a long-term partner.

Our agency partner program is tailor-made to foster mutual growth between Wednesday and partnering agencies.

Wednesday prefers to partner with agencies that have expertise in complementary areas. We have deep expertise in data engineering, product development, and applied AI, and we seek partnerships with agencies in other areas.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Quality of Work: We think of our work as craft and look for partners who feel the same.

  • Business Growth: We closely track gross revenue per partner, new client acquisition, profit generated for partners, end client NPS score, and more. We’re looking for partners who also obsess over these metrics.

  • Strategic Alignment: Our expertise is in Data Engineering, Product Development, and applied AI. We believe agencies providing onshore or complementary services in these areas are strategically aligned.

  • Long-Term Relationship Potential: We’re in it for the long run and are looking for partners who share our goals.

  • Avenues for Mutual Growth: We’re looking for partners interested in finding mutually beneficial growth avenues.

Ways to Partner

  • Free Consultations: In B2B sales, we understand that it takes time to win trust. We provide free white-labeled expert consultations to help you do so.

  • Content Collaboration: Wednesday has a thriving digital presence. We conduct several in-person meetups and webinars and write content. These channels can help you find avenues of growth.

  • Staff Augmentation: We can provide world-class software design & development teams, instilling confidence in the quality of engineering services your customers will receive.

  • Product Development Teams: We can help create a white-labeled end-to-end development team with razor-sharp program management.

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