Career Growth

A brief look at what Career Growth looks like at Wednesday. Check out how the Roles & Responsibilities and Appraisals work.

Titles are external only. An environment where people have a "this is not a part of my job description" attitude is not what we like. Titles however allow our customers to understand your roles and responsibilities.

Roles & Responsibilities

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer at Wednesday Solutions, you will have the opportunity to build, validate and document individual features. You will own a part of larger modules or products.

In this phase of your journey, you’re encouraged to ask questions and understand the why behind what you’re building. Once the purpose and impact of what you’re doing daily is clear, the reason behind building things a certain way also becomes clear. This lays the foundation for being able to make architectural, tooling, library and tech-stack decisions in the subsequent phases of your career.

You will be expected to communicate proactively, have a high level of curiosity, and a strong action bias. This is exemplified through innovation and timely and high-quality delivery.

Sharing learnings across the board is highly encouraged at Wednesday; staying true to that, we’ve been running Wednesday Wisdom, an internal knowledge-sharing session. As an SE, you will speak once a quarter and showcase your learnings.

Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer at Wednesday Solutions, you will have the opportunity to build, validate and document modules or entire products. You will own larger modules or products.

In this phase of your journey, you will be helping onboard, & mentor team members and create and review Technical Requirement Documents (TRDs). This would require a solid understanding of how systems should work, delegation of responsibilities across the stack/components, and the ability to apply these principles to the modules and products that you own, bringing clarity in execution for the rest of the team.

You will conduct sharing sessions within your team, bringing about proactive tech and product innovation.

You will be coordinating and leading communication with TechLeads and Clients on a day-to-day basis.

Tech Lead

As a Tech Lead at Wednesday, you’ll manage a team of 2-6 engineers. You will conduct 1-1s, performance appraisals and review meetings with them.

You will work with the EMs and help gather requirements and create the product roadmap and backlog. You will participate in the hiring process and help set the monthly and quarterly hiring goals.

You will be a key decision maker during architectural decisions, selection of tech stacks, library and tooling for projects. You’ll be involved in weekly and sprintly demos, reviews, and the creation of supporting documentation. You’ll work with Design Leads and PMs to deliver high-quality digital products.

Engineering Manager

As an Engineering Manager at Wednesday, you’ll handle account management and growth. You’ll manage a team of 6-12 engineers and work with clients to create the Product Roadmap and then work with Tech & Design Leads and PMs to convert that into a Product Backlog.

The Company values will serve as a guiding light for hiring and retention. You will conduct the last round in the interview process for potential candidates and work with HR to set quarterly and monthly goals. You will run 1-1s with your team members and guide them in their careers, helping them reach the next step in their journey. You will conduct performance appraisals for your DRs.

The engineering teams at Wednesday are all expected to innovate on both fronts - tech and product; as a guild leader, you will help drive innovation.

The Fork

At this junction, responsibilities move towards owning business verticals and service lines. This will include account acquisition, market disruption with tech and product, and growth responsibilities.


The appraisal policy has been documented here

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